Sample Menu

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Oysters on the Half Shell

asian chimichurri: cilantro, garlic, shallot, fish sauce, vinegar, lime

Bò Tái Chanh

shaved raw beef marinated in lime with fresh herbs, red onion, fried shallot, puffed beef tendon

Yee Sang

tuna crudo with chinkiang vinegar, chilies, scallion oil, cilantro

Gỏi Cuốn - Salad Rolls

spicy tuna with nước chấm dipping sauce

crispy shrimp with lemongrass aioli

grilled vegetable with miso mustard

Chili Shrimp or Eggplant

candied cashews, fresh and dried chilies, mint, dobanjiang, honey aioli

Chu Mai Wings

crispy chicken wings, sweet garlic nước mắm, chilies, crispy garlic, green onions

Chicken & Pork Pate Toast

quail egg, pickled shallots, maggi aioli, rau răm, toasted baguette

Pork & Eel Dumplings

black truffle, sweet soy glaze, chili oil

Nem Lụi

grilled lemongrass pork skewers, Vietnamese herbs, pickled shallot, cabbage leaves, jidori egg yolk


Fried Rice with Seasonal Vegetables

egg, tofu

Mushroom Congee Pot Pie

scallion oil, fried savory chinese donut

Xôi Mặn Thập Cẩm

Vietnamese sticky rice with grilled pork, lemongrass pork skewer, fried fish egg, pate, pickles, fried shallot, herbs

Sauce XO Fried Rice

shrimp, dried scllops, bacon, green onions, fried egg

Chu Mai Phở

Bò Kho Bolognese

Vietnamese spiced beef and marrow sauce, carrot, thai basil, puffed beef tendon, pappardelle


Whole Fried Fish

served with fresh vegetables, herbs, pickles, rice paper for DIY wrapping, mắm nêm

Marinated Grilled Pork Chop

scallion oil, nước chấm glaze, herb salad

Phở Spiced New York Steak

mushrooms, hot mustard, sauce XO, watercress